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Shea Saenger has been sued in Kittitas County Superior Court, Case 10-2-00430-3, for financially exploiting a 'Vulnerable Adult'. The court has ruled that my father was and is a 'Vulnerable Adult' under Washington law and that he was financially exploited. Those issues have already been settled by the court. That Order is right here.

The court has also ruled that Shea Saenger and her husband Arthur are liable for over 2.2 million dollars for money stolen from my father, Norman Butler. The judgment is here. Saenger has now either lost or withdrawn all of the appeals that were filed so the Judgement stands.
My father is now 84 years old, has Alzheimer's, and was robbed blind by Shea Saenger while she was leading him on with promises of marriage. He is in an assisted living home and his expenses for living there are running about $26,000 per year more than his current income. Shea Saenger has enriched her family and left my father unable to pay for his own living expenses. The money that he had that was intended to take care of him and my mother for their lifetimes is now in the hands of people like Mark and Rosemary Lumpkin, Chris and Glenda Haycraft, Shannon and Rick Wiggins and Bo and Ronnie Parker. Arthur Saenger has settled with us. We have prevailed in all civil suits and settled.

Click on the links on the left side of the page for details about Shea Saenger, her family and where she sent the money she stole from my father.

Shea Saenger was incarcerated in the Kittitas County jail from January 10, 2011 to July 11, 2011 for Contempt of Court. Charges against Shea Saenger for Mail Fraud were filed in Federal Court in Seattle on July 1, 2011, Case 11-CR-0223 and on July 11, 2011 she was picked up by the US Marshalls and is in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Inmate 41449-086. Shea Saenger pleaded guilty to Mail Fraud in Federal Court in Seattle Washington on July 14, 2011. Saenger was sentenced to 46 months plus 3 years supervised release on January 6, 2012. The contempt of court charge in Kittitas County does not go away because of that, its still there too.

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Please help us recover some missing property.
In addition to the money taken from Norman Butler we would like to recover some personal property which has also disappeared. In particular we want to find an H&R Model 922 revolver, a tennis bracelet with different color gem stones, a 3/4 carat oval diamond ring and a heart shaped diamond pendent with several small diamonds. The serial numbers of the diamond ring and the revolver are listed as stolen property.

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